Reusable Stainless Steel Straws

Reusable Stainless Steel Straws

Stainless Steel Reusable Straws

You have probably been used to plastic straws over your lifetime and might be wondering how and why you should use stainless steel straws to drink your beverage. Straws have basically evolved over time into what they are today but the most common has been those made out of plastic. New forms of straw have come out of steel, bamboo, biodegradable paper, silicone, and even glass. But they have developed out of the need for conserving the environment and durability of the product.



The environment forms an integral part of the ecosystem that life enormously depends on. Therefore, it is the sole responsibility of man; the main inhabitants of the system to strive for and conserve the environment thus keeping it eco-friendly. Reusing is part of the waste hierarchy in waste management alongside reducing and recycling (The three Rs of waste management).
Stainless steel reusable straws are friendly to the environment as they fit the three Rs. They have surpassed the using of plastic straws that are wasteful, they are reusable and ultimately can be melted down to make another steel product after recycling.


The potency of Plastic Straws

Plastic is indeed non-biodegradable material and making straws out of it means that they become a nuisance when thrown out. Hence, plastic straws find a way into the ecosystem and pose a threat to the environment. A video on YouTube sadly depicts how plastic straws can affect sea life.
Australia banned the manufacture and use of plastic straws last month by law in a bid to conserve the environment.
It is upon us to stop using plastic straws and conserve the environment.


Why use Stainless Steel Straws

Despite the fact that you can reuse them, they are also sturdy. They will not collapse or break easily unlike other environment-friendly reusable straws. They come as a set of different shapes and sizes for drinking various beverages. Thin steel straws are used for drinking light beverages while thicker straws are used for more viscous beverages (like bubble tea). There are more stylish stainless-steel straws that are curvy for drinking cocktails and juices. The standard packaging of a set of stainless steel straws is inclusive of a washing brush for cleaning.

Save the world one straw at a time!

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