Chemocare Balm

Chemocare Balm

Chemocare Balm is an all natural, hydrating salve.

One of the negative and painful side effects of chemotherapy sometimes involves a skin condition. Many times a patient will experience very dry and itchy skin on his/her hands and feet. Sometimes the skin seems crackly and constant itching and scratching only makes the skin more sensitive.

Chemocare Balm is a specially designed lotion that not only addresses this severe type of skin rash for chemo patients, but it has become popular among those who need to provide extra care for their sensitive and often dry skin. It is safe to use every day and is an all-natural balm made with organic sunflower oil, grape seed oil and olive extracts.

These ingredients not only help to heal peeling and extremely itchy skin, but also to add moisture while creating an extra layer of protection to ensure that moisture will not be depleted. This is an especially effective balm that works from the first application. Please stop suffering from chronic itching and use this remarkable product.

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