Organic Kale Powder

Organic Kale Powder

Why You Should Add Organic Kale Powder to Your Diet

Kale was only recently a hyped up superfood that nobody could get enough of. From salads to smoothies, kale was a staple in the diet of every health-conscious eater. Renowned for its high content of antioxidants and density of a variety of vitamins and minerals, it’s easy to see why kale grew so popular so fast. There was a slight problem, though. Kale isn’t widely available. It’s not even available at all in some countries. So, millions of people around the world were missing out on the rich nutritional benefits that kale contained!

With organic kale powder, there’s a solution. Organic kale power involves freeze-dried kale. Some powders are made from dehydrated kale, but the freeze-dried version is nutritionally and tastefully superior. It’s a great alternative to fresh kale for those who can’t grab it at their local grocery store, and even provides a great additive for those who can access fresh kale so they can get even more of kale’s power in their diets.

Another question is raised with organic kale powder, though. How exactly do you consume it? Eating powder directly isn’t exactly most peoples’ idea of delicious, but luckily there are plenty of ways to eat it that taste great and make you feel great, too. Just be mindful of the daily recommendations on the label so you don’t accidentally eat too much of it!

Here are some tips for adding that delicious organic kale powder to your diet:

– Make a smoothie! Kale is already a popular choice for smoothies, but it also makes a good replacement for other dehydrated or powder-form additives like nori and wheatgrass.
– Use it in sauces, dips, and dressings and then use them as you normally would. Yum!

– Add it to doughs like breads and pastas for an inconspicuous, healthy addition.

– Soups are great at concealing flavors or adding a boost of them, and with organic kale powder you can go either way. Some love the taste, some don’t, but soup gives you the versatility to taste it or not based on the other ingredients you use. Easy!

– Sprinkle it on top of a salad for a little bit of extra texture and a great flavor boost. Bonus points if you also use it in your salad’s dressing!

– Add it to omelets for a vibrant, fun color with great health benefits to top it off!

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