Organic Coconut Kefir

Organic Coconut Kefir

The unwritten rule of eating healthy remains a tough nut to crack. In fact, we make efforts, but in all reality, we are still sometimes found wanting. Rightly so, this had led us to further discovery of various food products with better health benefits.

One of such food products discovered are fermented foods, which provide us work so many health benefits, however, they will fall short of the standards expected.

With the discovery of kefir, we have found a better substitute with even better beneficial, healing qualities when compared to other fermented foods.

Our organic coconut kefir  through this premise produced a complete, healthier, alternative product to normal kefir; the product is popularly known as the vegan alternative.

The organic coconut kefir is a product made from primary protein sources i.e. Plants and a different starter culture from yogurts with a lot of beneficial bacteria combined.  It’s fermented with both bacteria and yeast and contains about 3X the amount of probiotic cultures than yogurt. Its nutrients are more absorbable, easier to digest and increases the amount of normal flora present in the body to fight infections and diseases.

This product inhibits the growth of unfriendly, disease-carrying bacterias and simulates the body’s response while promoting healthy digestion.

Organic coconut kefir is safe – lactose-free, gluten-free and is all natural. It is a healthy food for vegans and non-vegetarians.

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