DIY Black Garlic

DIY Black Garlic


DIY Black Garlic

Here’s what you’ll need:

1. A rice cooker
2. 3 bamboo mats which can fit in the rice cooker.
3. 3 pieces of garlic – Solo garlic. (There are a couple different kinds of garlic, I use Solo garlic)


Use a paper towel to wipe the mat clean to make sure there is no dust on it. Don’t wash it, however.

First, put a bamboo mat into the rice cooker. Then place a piece of garlic evenly inside.

Add another layer of bamboo mat. Then another piece of garlic again. Then place the last layer in.

(Tips: Some people have claimed that the garlic becomes as hard as a rock, because some rice cookers have a steam vent on top, therefore all moisture is lost, so this is what I do: I put a paper towel on top on the final layer of garlic – in order to keep everything hydrated. I fold the paper towel into a square shape and put it on top of the first layer of garlic (If your rice cooker is not the tightly locked kind…you can wet the paper towel…and place it on top). Then close the lid.

Press the WARM Button on the rice warmer (Warm Mode: Approximate 50-60C) and leave it there – don’t keep opening it. You can also write a note and stick it on the rice cooker to remind yourself when you can open it. Around day 5 you will smell the garlic. Keep it in this WARM MODE for 14 Days.

The result: After you peel off the Solo garlic skin you will see the garlic has turned black. It will taste a bit sweet but not as strong as raw garlic.

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