Why Black Garlic is About More Than Taste

Why Black Garlic is About More Than Taste

Why Black Garlic is About More Than Taste


Many of our recipes contain garlic as it is. But besides adding a great zing of flavour to our dishes, garlic contains some other great benefits as well! Throughout history, garlic has been used medicinally as well, and was used as many things such as a diuretic, an antibiotic, an anti-parasitic, a digestive aid, and was a go-to treatment for many ailments. Garlic is one of the few spices that has stood the test of time as a healthy staple. But the white garlic we know and love has a sister that is here to take the crown for healthiest spice: black garlic.


Truth be told, black garlic doesn’t occur naturally. Black garlic is made when white garlic is fermented for a month under very specific heat and humidity conditions. Because of the process, garlic turns soft, smooth, and loses its signature taste and scent for that of a sweeter fig-like flavour. The process also creates some magic within the buds by increasing allicin content, Allicin is responsible for most of garlic’s health benefits, but in black garlic, those benefits are more ever-present because of the strong concentration. Add in double the amino acids and antioxidants, and a bit of a compound called S-All cysteine, and you’ve got a healthy spice that packs a punch!


Black Garlic’s Health Benefits Include:

  1. It enhances insulin production.
  2. It works to regulate blood pressure.
  3. It helps prevent heart disease.
  4. It helps prevent cholesterol from forming in the arteries.
  5. It has properties that mimic that of anti-inflammatory.
  6. It improves circulation.
  7. It works to keep libido active and healthy.
  8. It assists with keeping blood sugar normalized.
  9. It helps the immune system fight off infections and microbes.
  10. It stimulates white blood cell activity.


It’s clear that black garlic has some fantastic benefits that we overlook in our modern daily lives. With all these great health perks laid out, it probably has you wondering how you can get black garlic in your diet. Well, the good news is that it’s much simpler than it sounds! We recommend that you pay a visit to our website and view some of our black garlic recipes if you’re more of the DIY type! Either way, we wish you good health!

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